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hic, hic est

quem ferus urit Amor

3/31/09 02:41 pm

Nova Corpora

2/3/09 07:50 pm

One more reason Gabriel Delahaye is the most awesome man alive.

2/3/09 12:03 pm - Antònia Font - "Wa yeah!"

Hey, so this is a music video from a Majorcan band called Antònia Font (that at least one of you already knows about). They're really good, and I missed a show that they played this weekend here in Palma (fuck) that will be their last for a while (fuck fuck fuck). My flatmates and I have been listening to this song a lot, and the lyrics are really sweet, so I am going to lj-cut a translation for everyone.

Lyrics~LletraCollapse )

I tried to post this in a facebook note, but apparently they don't allow videos embedded in their notes. I have found Facebook's fatal flaw. Anyways, this song makes me smile. I hope it does you too.

10/4/08 06:46 pm

Perhaps I've been out of the loop, but I just saw that Madonna directed a movie starring Eugene Hutz and features music from Gogol Bordello.  WTF?  This seems like too many things going together that ought not to.  Also, the movie actually looks like it could be enjoyable.  Which is surprising, because Madonna and movies don't usually add up to good.  Maybe she's found her calling as a director?.  Or if not calling, at least something that isn't Shanghai Surprise.

9/21/08 08:10 pm - Language stuff

A long post about language issues here in Palma ... conveniently cut for you to skip if you're not interestedCollapse )

8/29/08 11:26 am - Obama, Palin, etc.

Last night when I got home I went on the New York Times' website and watched Obama's speech (I had missed it while out). Now, I'll admit to being a sucker for these things, but I was very much in tears. It makes me proud to be an American in a very big way to see how far this nation has grown in a relatively short time. There's still a lot of growing to do, but this is a wonderful moment in our nation's history.

I was a little bit annoyed to see that the headlines this morning were focused on Sarah Palin as McCain's VP pick. For one thing, I was really hoping he would pick Romney because that would have made it a cakewalk for Obama. But he proved that he isn't entirely demented (or at least his staff isn't) in avoiding that. He did, however, entirely undercut the crux of his argument against Obama by picking Palin, who fairly clearly has less political experience than he does (and all of it in Alaska - you know, not a state where that much happens). Still, in two short years in the Alaska governor's seat, Palin has managed, to quote a Kids In The Hall sketch, "to abuse her very limited power" when trying to get someone to fire her ex-brother-in-law for personal reasons, and then firing the person who wouldn't do it. Coming off eight years of Vice President Dick "No-Ethics" Cheney, I hope people are wary of someone who has demonstrated such questionable ethics in such a short period of time.

Since overall the choice of Palin seems to undercut a lot of McCain's campaign up until now, I can't help but interpret the move as a ploy for the votes of dissatisfied Hillary supporters. I hope those who are still wary of throwing their lot in with Obama can tell the diffference between Hillary Clinton, a truly accomplished woman, and an anti-abortion rights, anti-equal pay, ethically challenged newcomer who was competing in beauty contests when Barack Obama was organizing on behalf of poor, working families in Chicago, and when Hillary Clinton was campaigning for children's rights. It isn't too hard from where I sit, but eight years of President Bush have left me very much doubting the capacity of the American electorate to make good decisions at the ballot.

As a person who truly does support the cause of women's rights, I think every man and woman ought to be a little offended that McCain chose a female running mate for what appears to be her youth, general good looks, and maybe also because she is more vocally against abortion rights than McCain and a member of the NRA. In other words, substantially for superficial reasons. Leave it to the Republican Party to make their first female VP choice come off as vaguely sexist.

I can't help but think that Palin's inexperience will become very obvious now that she is catapulted from a very small stage to a very big one, but she is charming and well-spoken. I hope Obama will involve Hillary (and Bill) as much as he can in his campaign because I think she is probably in a better position than anyone to point out Palin's lack of accomplishments as a politician, and remind people what a qualified female politician looks like. Luckily, Barack Obama has already proven himself capable of prevailing in a tough and close campaign, and Biden ought to be able to talk circles around Palin. Fingers crossed.

8/24/08 10:54 am - We should just put Woody allen in a home, right?

Hey everyone.  I haven't posted for a while.  I'm doing good.  What brought me out of 'retirement'?  Just this:  DON'T SEE VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA.  It has to be one of the worst movies ever made on God's good earth.  I have yet to read a single bad review of it, though (other than my own comment I posted on the New York Times' glowing review).  Let me present my feelings with bullet points:

  • The movie has an omniscient narrator.  This is not in and of itself a bad thing.  I can think of a few movies with good omniscient narrators.  Y tu mamá tambíen, for instance.  This narrator, however, is stifling, trite, repetitive, and sounds like a male version of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.  They could have just called the movie Woody Allen's Sex and A Different City, actually.  It would have been just as accurate, seeing how little Barcelona actually figures in the movie (see below).  The whole narration is attempting to be a placeholder for character development, but it holds its place badly, and all the characters are hollow stereotypes.
  • All the characters are hollow stereotypes.  Cristina (ScarJo) is "Romantic American Girl".  Vicky (Rebecca Hall) is "Straightlaced American Girl".  Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem) is "Passionate Spanish Male" (best line: "Love can only be romantic when it is unfulfilled"!  SO THAT'S HOW!!).  María Elena (Penélope Cruz) is "Passionate Spanish Female".  I guess Juan Antonio and María Elena are as close to naming someone "Spanish Guy" and "Spanish Lady" while still being plausible Spanish names.  Really?  Seriously it's just like Sex and the City but with a gun (oops, spoiler!)
  • Vicky (Rebecca Hall) is, according to the narrator in the opening sequence, getting her Masters degree in "Catalan Identity".  That seems like a bullshit title, but oh well.  I think what Woody Allen means for this to say to the audience is "Vicky doesn't really know what she wants in life, but look!  She's smart!"  Well put, Woody.  So she's getting a Masters in Catalan Identity.  And she's going to Barcelona!  This should be her Time To Shine, right?!  Wrong.  The only indication that she has any interest whatsoever in Catalan culture is that she likes taking pictures of Gaudí buildings.  Hey, they're great buildings.  But that's maybe a little trite, right?  As someone who is genuinely interested in Catalan culture (in case you weren't aware), I like Gaudí, but there's a LOT MORE TO DO IN BARCELONA THAN THAT.  Also, she takes a Spanish class during the movie.  A Spanish class - CA. STE. LLA. NO.  ???  If you didn't know that people in Catalonia speak Catalan before seeing this movie, you wouldn't know it afterwards either.  There isn't a single word of Catalan in the entire movie.  And this from a movie which got 10% of its budget from the Generalitat de Catalunya - what were they thinking??!?!
  • There isn't a single word of Catalan in the entire movie!  THE ENTIRE MOVIE!  And MOST OF IT TAKES PLACE IN THE LARGEST METROPOLITAN AREA OF THE CATALAN SPEAKING WORLD.  But that's just it!  Juan Antonio (who is referred to in the movie as a "Catalan painter", and granted, he appears to live in Catalonia) is actually from Asturias (his hometown is Oviedo, his father lives near there).  María Elena - who knows, also speaks no Catalan.  Let's put this in persepective.  I am making a movie about how awesome Montreal is.  Two girls from, hmmm, let's say Japan just for randomness' sake, go on vacation to Montreal for the summer and spend the entire movie taking English lessons and running around with some dude from Winnipeg.  Would you say they got to know the real spirit of Montreal?  Oh also, one of those girls from Japan was getting her Masters in Quebecois Identity.  Bull. Shit.
In conclusion, Woody Allen should probably be put in a home and kept away from pen, paper or camera for the rest of his years.  You were great, sir, but you ain't great no more.  Go see Tropic Thunder.  It's probably a lot deeper.

6/18/08 09:38 pm

Hilltowns of Los Angeles, volume 2

6/17/08 11:53 pm

Hilltowns of Los Angeles, pt. 1

5/29/08 02:37 pm

Hey so, I  was curious about my ability to actually write something extended about a topic in linguistics, so I decided to test myself by writing an introduction and explanation of Laryngeal Theory.  I wanted to see if I could write about it in a way that was clear and not stuffy (and, if the Gods are smiling, maybe even interesting - but I'm not holding my breath).  I chose Laryngeal Theory specifically because it is a topic that took me a long time to feel comfortable with, and so I felt it was more of a challenge to explain.  If you're feeling bored, or if you're feeling like you might even be curious, please read.  I welcome critiques - especially in the vein of 'I was totally lost when you ...', 'you could be clearer by ...', etc.    At some point I might have to write about difficult topics, and I'd like to be able to do so in a way that doesn't throw people off.

An Introduction to Laryngeal TheoryCollapse )
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