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hic, hic est

quem ferus urit Amor

5/15/08 06:20 pm

"To what extent are endangered languages a priority in modern linguistics?  Are graduate students encouraged to document moribund or endangered languages for their dissertation?  How much encouragement is there to compile a dictionary of one?  How many academic departments encourage applied linguistics in communities for the support of of endangered languages?  How many departments provide appropriate training for speakers of these languages who are most ideally suited to do the most needed work?  Obviously we must do some serious rethinking of our priorities, lest linguistics go down in history as the only science that presided obliviously over the disappearance of 90% of the very field to which it is dedicated."

- The World's Languages in Crisis, by Michael Krauss

4/30/08 11:37 am

In preparation for upcoming travels, I decided to create a blog specifically for photos: Nova Corpora.  I tested out the waters and played with format stuff by putting up three posts of photos from my trip to Argentina and Uruguay a few years back.  Also, I've decided for my own personal edification, that I will try to write entirely in Catalan there.  So far pretty good.

4/11/08 03:40 pm - poem

Auld Lang Syne.
Here's to the rock star with the crooked teeth,
the cellist, banker, mezzo bearing gifts,
the teacher with the flask in her jeans -
those girls who made us sweat and lick our lips.

To the jeune fille who broke my heart in France,
the tramp who warmed your lap and licked your ear,
the one who bought me shots at 2 a.m.
that night I tied your pink tie at the bar.

Who smoked.  Who locked you out.  Who kissed my eyes
then pulled my hair and left me for a boy.
The girl who bit my upper, inner thigh.
My raspy laugh when I first heard your voice

toasting through broken kisses sloppy drunk:
To women!  To abundance!  To enough!

- Emily Moore

from the New Yorker

1/30/08 09:18 am

via Eric ...

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1/28/08 10:39 pm

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1/25/08 04:09 pm


1/22/08 07:24 pm

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1/19/08 09:51 am

Mel posted this.

Uhhh ... uhhh ... can I marry this guy?  Or maybe just his sunglasses?

1/2/08 05:12 pm

Dan Deacon is playing at Great American Music Hall on the 17th!!  Eeeeee!

12/26/07 10:07 pm

quizá mi mejor regalo de navidad ...

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